What type of connection do I need?

The type of connection service you require will depend on the nature and usage of gas at your premises. It'll also depend on whether it is a residential home, a medium-density/high rise or a business location. We'll work with you to get the gas connection you need.

Connection types

For detached residential dwellings, we can provide a connection from our gas main to a gas meter on your premises. This includes installing a meter and the pipes from our mains to the meter.

We also provide a path valve and/or meter kit services. With these services, you are responsible for all other work required to connect the supply address to our gas network, including installing the meter and pipes.

You will need to talk to your licenced gasfitter or plumber to get your appliances connected to the gas supply.

Connection contracts

A new residential connection will be offered as a basic connection service under our model standing offer, a non-basic connection service or a negotiated connection service. Other services for customers using less than 10TJ of gas per year  will be offered as a medium density connection service or a commercial connection service.  The connection service will be determined by us based on information you provide, including information about conditions at the site.

Type of connection Basic connection service Non-basic connection service Negotiated connection service
New or existing home
Residential meter kit    
Residential path valve
Multi-density / medium-density / high-density    

The basic and non-basic connection services for residential properties are very similar.  The main difference is that the non-basic connection service is available where the site requirements for a basic connection service are not satisfied (for example, if the property is on a major road or there are unusual site conditions). Generally, a residential negotiated connection contract will be offered where there are special requirements, such as having to extend our network to supply the property.

Once we have completed the connection work and you have started using the gas, you will be covered by the deemed standard connection contract for the ongoing supply of gas to the premises.

If you'd like a hard-copy of a contract, contact us and we'll mail it to you.

Negotiated connections

The negotiated connection contract process sets out information on your right to negotiate the terms of a connection contract with us and a description of the framework for negotiations to occur.

There are different negotiated connection contract processes for demand and volume customers.

Residential or business customers who use less than 10TJ of gas per year (generally small business, smaller commercial, and industrial customers) can find out more by reading about the negotiated connection contract process for volume customers. Alternatively, demand customers who use more than 10TJ of gas per year can find our more by reading about the negotiated connection process for demand customers.