Setup costs

How much does it cost to connect?

We do not charge for a basic connection service under our model standing offer.

For other services, the connection charge (if any) is generally determined based on the cost required to connect a site and these will vary from property to property. Depending on the service offered to you, this includes connection to the main or of a mains extension, the service pipe work, and the supply and installation of a meter set including the pressure regulator. It may also include the excavation and reinstatement of public foot paths and roads as well as any statutory notification required including traffic control.

If a service-laying contractor turns up at a site to perform a service, including a basic connection, but finds the site conditions differ from what we were told, they will inform us before carrying out any work.

We will then make a new connection offer, and won’t proceed with the connection until that’s been accepted.

What about supply service charges?

We’re distributors - we don’t supply bills to gas customers. Those come from the retailers. We do bill retailers for transporting gas to your premises, and you can view our charges for our gas transportation services to retailers (known as reference services) - including the charges to disconnect and reconnect a premise.