Get connected to Jemena gas

Anyone can apply, however you will need your own builder, plumber or gasfitter to connect your gas appliances to the meter.

Can I get natural gas?

Check if gas is available to your home or business by simply entering your postcode and street name.

How do I apply?

You can ask the retailer of your choice to arrange the connection.  If you already have an arrangement with a retailer for sale of gas to the supply address, but you want to apply yourself, then you’ll have to complete an application form or contact us and we’ll send you one.

Alternatively, if you’re happy for us to nominate a retailer, you can get connected through connect and manage my gas.  You can also complete an application form or contact us and we’ll send you a copy.

If you're applying to connect residential premises to our network, you can apply for an "expedited connection" offer by selecting this option in your application. An expedited connection offer automates the process for entering into a contract for us to connect the premises. If you select this option and we’re satisfied the application is for a basic connection service that falls within the terms of our Model Standing Offer (including that the supply address meets the site condition requirements in our Model Standing Offer and as also required by our Model Standing Offer you have provided a properly completed application including your plumber's details), then on the date we received your application you are taken to have entered into a contract with us for the connection of the premises on the terms of our Model Standing Offer.

Choice of retailer

A gas retail agreement needs to be in place before we can turn the gas on and you can use your appliances. For a new connection, we recommend that you arrange the gas connection through a retailer. This will ensure that from the time the gas is connected, you will be supplied gas by your chosen retailer.  If you haven't chosen a retailer we will connect the gas and we'll nominate a retailer to supply gas to you. After the gas is connected you are able to change if you'd prefer a different retailer.

Some retailers are obliged to make you an offer for some locations. You can find out who these retailers are by reading the frequently asked questions section on the Independent Pricing & Regulatory Tribunal’s website. The Australian Energy Regulator publishes a list of the natural gas retailers operating in New South Wales, and for help with making an informed choice about gas offers, you can visit the energy made easy price comparison website.

What happens next?

Once we have a complete connection application then within 10 business days we'll make an offer to do the work, or let you know that we have more assessment to do before we can make you an offer.

The terms of our offer and any charges will depend on the site conditions and your intended gas usage. We might need to visit the site to fill in the details.

If you accept the offer within the specified time, we’ll schedule and perform the connection as soon as possible, or later if requested by you.

If we've been given information that differs significantly from the conditions we find at the site, we might have to vary the offer, and you may incur additional cost.