Your rights and obligations

As a customer you have certain rights and obligations.

What are your rights as a gas distribution customer?

As your gas distributor you can count on us to:

  • maintain a safe and reliable gas network
  • install and maintain the gas service line to your property boundary
  • supply and maintain a gas meter set at your place

And, by the way

  • We’ll let you know in advance if your gas supply is likely to be affected by any planned works in your area.
  • Jemena employees and contractors who visit your premises will always provide identification.

What are your obligations?

We ask that you

  • keep our equipment on your property secure
  • give us access to your property to read and maintain your meter and, if needed,
  • make sure you keep the gas equipment on your property in a safe condition to connect and disconnect your gas supply.

For more information about your and our rights and obligations, read the deemed standard connection contract.

Small customer rights

A small customer is a residential customer or a small business customer who consumes less than 1 TJ of gas per year. As a small customer, you have some additional rights and entitlements and obligations including as set out in the deemed standard connection contract and under our distributor service standards. Our feedback section also sets out our standard complaints and dispute resolution procedures and contact details for the Energy and Water Ombudsman.