Supply reliability

More than 1.2 million homes and businesses in New South Wales rely on us for the safe and efficient distribution of natural gas.

We constantly strive to improve our network. That means, at times, we might need to interrupt your gas supply in order to carry out maintenance, repair or upgrade work on parts of our system.

We’ll always keep these planned interruptions to the minimum, and when they’re unavoidable, we’ll make sure we warn you, well in advance.

Unplanned interruptions

No matter how careful our planning, or sophisticated our systems, in rare circumstances your gas supply can be impacted by factors beyond our control. These can include:

  • interference, such as damage to meters by vehicles or vandals
  • damage to gas mains through third party civil works activity
  • extreme weather, such as storms, floods, or extreme heat

In the unlikely event of an unplanned interruption or emergency, you can count on us to safely restore your gas supply, as quickly as we possibly can. 

Call 131 909 to report any problems with your gas supply.