Pulse output connection

Customers with an existing gas service on our gas network can apply for a pulse output connection.

A pulse output connection provides real-time access to gas flow data from your meter set. You will need to build and install interface equipment and also have an appropriate building management system or data logger to capture the pulse data.

The pulse output signal will be provided to you for operational information only. The pulse output signal is not billing data and calculations need to be made to convert the raw data into gas consumed which is used for billing.

A pulse output connection is not always available from our standard metering equipment and a meter upgrade may be required before we can supply a pulse output connection.

How do I apply?

You can make an application to have a pulse connection using connect and manage my gas.

Otherwise, you can arrange your request through your retailer.

You can also download and complete an application form or contact us and we’ll send you one.

What information does Jemena need?

You will need to supply details of the meter in the application including some photographs. This is so we can determine if you have a pulse ready meter.

You will also need to provide a suitable interface for the pulse output. You can use our standard design or have your electrician design you own intrinsic safety barrier, but this must be reviewed by us to ensure it meets our strict safety requirements. Our standard design is set out in our technical drawings.

Your interface equipment must be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and relevant Australian Standards.

What happens next?

Once we have a completed application, we will make you an offer setting out the service we provide and any charges. Our offer will include design requirements for the interface equipment you need to install and an installation checklist.

If you accept our offer and pay any charges we'll do our best to work with your electrician and gasfitter/plumber or builder to complete the work at an agreed time after you provide the completed installation checklist.

Your licensed electrician must be on site for the appointment to provide the certificate of electrical safety for your interface cabinet and hazardous area wiring.

A pulse counter service is performed under the terms of our terms and conditions for pulse output connection service.

How much does it cost?

Charges for a pulse output connection vary depending on the size and configuration of your existing meter. The charge for our work will be included on the offer you receive. You will also incur costs from your electrician, gasfitter/plumber or builder to complete the work required to be undertaken by you (for example, designing the intrinsic safety barrier and installing interface cabinet and hazardous area wiring).