Meter upgrade or downgrade

If you've recently or are about to install or remove gas appliances, you may need a different meter as the amount of gas you use might have changed.

Anyone with an existing gas service in our gas network can apply for an alteration to their meter.

How do I apply?

You can make an application to have your gas meter altered using connect and manage my gas.

Otherwise, you can arrange your request through your retailer.

You can also download and complete an application form or contact us and we’ll send you one.

What happens next?

For a meter upgrade or downgrade, once we have a completed application, we'll make an offer setting out the work to be performed and any charges.

Once an offer is made, the offer remains open for a specified time period before it lapses.

If you accept our offer and pay any charges, we'll do our best to schedule and perform the meter change as soon as possible. Occasionally, when we've been given information that differs substantially from the conditions we find at the site, we might have to vary the offer, and recalculate the price.

Our meter upgrade or downgrade service is performed under the terms of our terms and conditions for meter upgrade/downgrade service.

Where you have a current retail gas agreement with a retailer then under the terms of our deemed standard connection contract you are obliged to inform either us or your retailer of any permanent material change to the energy load or pattern of usage at the premises.

How much does it cost?

Charges for meter upgrades and downgrades vary depending on the size of the meter being replaced and any associated works. The cost for our part of the work will be included on the offer you receive. You may also incur other costs from your plumber or builder to complete the work (for example, installing or removing gas appliances).