Meter Reading

Jemena is responsible for maintaining the gas network’s infrastructure, responding to emergency incidents and events, and reading gas meters for billing purposes. In order to read, test, maintain, or remove and replace meters, Jemena needs to be able to access them easily.

Across the Jemena gas network, our team of meter readers is responsible for delivering some 7.1 million gas meter readings every year throughout Sydney, the ACT, and much of NSW. Most of the 1.4 million meters in our gas network are residential and read on a quarterly basis. We process and pass on each meter reading to your gas retailer, who issues you with a gas bill.

If your meter reader has unimpeded access to the meter, they will be able to read it clearly and safely, and your bill will reflect your actual consumption.

How will I know when my next meter read is scheduled?

Depending on your retailer, your gas bill may set out the approximate date of your next scheduled meter read. In general, residential and small business meters are read every three months, and commercial and industrial meters are read every month.

Can I provide my own gas meter reading?

You can phone a meter self-read through to Jemena or your gas retailer.

Safe and unobstructed access to the meter at your house or business

Meters may not be the most beautiful of garden accessories, but it helps our meter readers to have safe and unhindered access. Trees, fences, walls and landscaping can obstruct access to the meter.

We ask that you ensure:

  • there are no permanent obstructions to the meter, such as trees, bushes or walls;
  • any fences and gates do not impede access to the gas meter; and
  • the meter location is free of any rubbish.

Hidden dangers for our meter readers include overhanging trees and shrubs, long grass and building rubble which may cause injury.

Dogs & Other Wildlife

Dog attacks are a real danger for meter readers. It is helpful that you tell us if you have a dog – and whether it is housed in the same location as the gas meter.

Please note that if there is a sign warning ‘Beware of the Dog’, or there are unrestrained dogs in your yard, we may not be able to read your meter unless you are home to restrain them or have locked them away from the meter location.

Prior to a scheduled meter read, we ask that you ensure:

  • dogs are safely secured during the day or placed away from where the gas meter is located; or
  • dogs are restrained (not by hand).

If you have a dog, please let Jemena or your energy retailer know. This information can be noted on your records so the meter reader knows what to expect when conducting a meter read at your premises.

Wasps, snakes, spiders and bull ants also pose danger for meter readers, so we ask that you please trim any bushes and shrubs and remove insect nests to ensure there is adequate access around your meter.

Locked Access to the Meter

We require access to your meter in order to read it, maintain, test or replace it as needed.

We cannot read meters behind locked gates or fences unless the lock used is an NMB (National Meter Board) lock or a utility Abloy restricted access lock.

Jemena does not accept copies of keys for residential private locks.

What is a utility Abloy lock?

A utility Abloy lock is a specially keyed lock which has a key for the occupier’s private use, but also has a master key which is assigned to utility companies and emergency services so that they can also access the property.

The Abloy locking system has a number of different lock types, including barrel locks, padlocks and locksets, so there is a solution for most locking scenarios.

Keys to a utility Abloy lock are considered ‘restricted keys’ (in that they are only available from the one supplier, who controls the issue of locks and keys – as explined further below), and unauthorised copies cannot be made.

Where can I buy a utility Abloy lock?

Integrity Locksmiths ( are the only company in NSW to sell and manage the utility Abloy Access System, and they ensure the locks and keys are controlled. It is this control that makes utility Abloys so secure.

When purchasing your utility Abloy lock, you will need to nominate all the utilities companies who might need access to your property / meter, so the lock can be keyed for their access.  If you want us to be able to access your gas meter, please ensure that Jemena Gas is nominated as one of the utilities companies. 

Who will be able to open my utility Abloy lock?

Your keys are individual and cannot be opened by any other Abloy key – even if your neighbour has the same type of lock. A master key is held by authorised utility companies and emergency services crews.

Please note: If you have not selected Jemena Gas, we will not be able to open your lock and read your meter. In this situation, your abloy lock can be rekeyed by Integrity Locksmiths so that Jemena is also permitted acces.

Where can I buy an NMB lock?

NMB locks are also a restricted profile lock, like Abloys. They can be purchased from most locksmiths, or if you have an existing lock, it may be possible for your locksmith to rekey it to NMB so the original key works as well as a NMB key.

Why can’t I just buy a lock from Bunnings or another hardware retailer?

Unfortunately the locks carried by these outlets are not restricted profile locks with a master key. Jemena does not accept personal keys for standard locks, and a fence or gate with a personal padlock attached will not be able to be opened, and the meter will be unable to be read by us. 

What do I do once I have a NMB or utility Abloy lock installed?

Please call Jemena on 1300 137 078 or your gas retailer and let them know you have a NMB or utility Abloy lock installed. This information can be noted on our records so the Jemena Gas meter reader knows what to expect when conducting a meter read at your premises