Gas Billing

As a gas distributor, Jemena is responsible for bringing natural gas to homes and businesses across NSW.  We arrange for your meter to be read on a monthly or quarterly cycle and pass the meter data on to your gas retailer for billing purposes. 

Whilst we are proud that the majority of our customers receive accurate meter reads for their gas and hot water service, we are aware that a small portion of customers may receive estimated bills. The most common reasons for an estimated meter read are not being able to access your gas meter, or a meter reading not passing a validation check.

You can read your  meter and provide details to Jemena or your gas retailer. Jemena  is  required to record a meter reading submitted from a customer as a customer reference read, and the subsequent bill will be labelled as an estimated bill.

Gas Meter Estimations 

Gas meters are installed to calculate gas usage in your home as a result of using appliances such as gas top cookers and/or gas heaters. These meters are separate from Hot Water Meters.

If Jemena cannot get an actual meter read, we use an estimated read which is calculated using a standard methodology issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).  This methodology calculates a customer’s daily average consumption using two consumption points throughout the year – winter and summer to take account of seasonal variations in gas usage.

Gas Hot Water Meter Estimations

Many residential apartment buildings have centralised hot water systems installed to supply gas-heated hot water to each apartment and common areas.

Where a centralised hot water service is heated by gas, hot water meters are provided in each apartment to measure the individual apartment’s share of the total gas consumption of the centralised hot water service. Jemena installs within the building master gas and master cold water meters to measure the amount of gas used to heat the water.

If Jemena cannot get an actual meter read, we will calculate an estimated read. This methodology takes into account historical hot water consumption patterns, and uses a standard methodology issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). 


If you require further assistance, please phone our billing and metering  Customer Care Team on 1800 536 362 during business hours; or email us at