Setup costs

How much does it cost to connect?

The connection charges and application fees that we charge depend on a number of factors including the type of service you require, your energy usage, the size and complexity of the connection and the future usage of the electricity in your area.

For details on how we determine our fees and charges please refer to our Connection Policy.

Basic Connection Charges

Our charges for basic connection services are adjusted on an annual basis and approved by the Australian Energy Regulator. The table below sets out the charges for our most common connection types. You can see the full list of our charges in our Distribution Services Price Schedule.

Service Cost 1
(inc GST)
New permanent connection - single phase $656.26
New permanent connection - three phase $850.36
New temporary connection - single phase $639.19
New temporary connection - three phase $817.96
Connection alteration - business hours (per truck visit) $498.12
Connection alteration - after hours (per truck visit) $654.74
Wasted service vehicle visit - business hours $461.96
Wasted service vehicle visit - after hours $654.74


Service Cost
(inc GST)
New embedded generation connection (e.g. Solar, battery, wind, etc.) $56.66
Embedded generation connection alteration (e.g. Solar, battery, wind, etc.) $0.00

1 Charges correct as at 1 January 2018. Charges are review annually and approved by the AER.

We do not charge an application fee for a basic connection service.

Negotiated Connection Charges

Our charges for negotiated connections vary on a project-by-project basis. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has classified some routinely provided connection services as quoted services and has approved a method to calculate the charges for these services. The quoted price for the connection service will be based on the AER-approved labour rates plus costs of materials plus cost of contractor services.

Where an augmentation or an extension of our network is required as a result of your required connection we may also ask for a contribution from you to cover the costs. The costs may be offset by looking at the future consumption of the electricity.

We will always determine the costs in a fair and reasonable manner and ensure that the cost estimate reflects an efficient method of providing the connection service.

Some of the services we provide are contestable, which means you can choose to arrange some of the connection works yourself. We will let you know which services are contestable during our negotiations or in our offer.

We may charge an application fee for connection services that require us to perform detailed assessment and design work. This fee is to recover the expenses reasonably incurred by us in assessing your application and making a connection offer. We’ll let you know about any fees as soon as practical after we receive your application or enquiry. This fee is payable whether or not you continue with the connection works.

What about supply service charges?

We’re distributors, we don’t bill you for your electricity usage. Those come from the retailers. Our tariffs and charges that are passed on to retailers are approved by the AER and reviewed annually..