Get connected to Jemena Electricity

Who can apply?

Anyone wanting an electricity connection in our network area can apply, however you’ll need to arrange for a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to wire your electricity switchboard and provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES), and depending on the service you may also need to undertake additional works.

You’ll also need a retailer to ask for the electricity to be turned on.

How do I apply?

For a new connection you can ask the retailer of your choice to arrange the connection.  For a new connection the Energy Made Easy website can help you make an informed choice about which retailer to choose. Your retailer can also help you make connection alterations.

For residential or small business services (less than 100 amps per phase) registered electrical contractors (RECs) can make an application online for a new basic connection, connection alteration, undergrounding (pole to pit) or an abolishment through connect and manage my electricity. All customers can apply for undergrounding (pole to pit) or an abolishment through connect and manage my electricity.

All Electricity Retailers will use the Jemena Connect and Manage my Electricity portal to streamline and simplify the connection process.

For larger customers you’ll have to complete an application form and email or post it to us. The table below will help you work out which form to use. For smaller customers, please apply directly through the Connect and Manage my Electricity portal.

If you apply directly to us for a new connection we will complete the connection work but will not energise the site (i.e. turn on the electricity). Energisation requests can only be made through a retailer.

What’s an expedited connection?

An expedited connection is one where you agree to our offer for the service and accept the offer at the time you apply. We won’t send you an offer to accept but we will send you an invoice for the connection charges which you’ll have to pay before we start the work. Expedited connections only apply to Basic Connection Services.

If you request an expedited connection and if we assess the application to be a basic connection service under the terms and conditions of our Model Standing Offer then our offer will be deemed to have been accepted by you on the date you made the application.

For an expedited connection you’ll need to either ask your retailer or apply directly to us by downloading and completing an application form.

If you apply for an expedited connection through your retailer then we’ll complete the work and energise the site within 10 days of receiving a fully completed application.

If you apply directly to us for an expedited connection then within 10 days of receiving the application we’ll send the invoice for the connection charges. We’ll then complete the connection work within 20 days of when you pay our invoice. After we’ve completed our work you’ll then need to contact a retailer, who’ll ask us to energise the site, before you can start using your electricity.

What type of connection do I need?

We provide different types of connection services. We provide new connections and alterations to your electricity supply either from our overhead wires or from an underground pit at the border of your property. We can also arrange for an overhead service to be relocated to an underground pit.

The type of connection service we provide will depend on the nature and usage of electricity at your premises. If you’re not sure what type of connection you need contact us we'll work with you to get the electricity connection you need.

Residential and Small Business Connections

A new residential or small business connection will be usually offered as a basic connection service under our model standing offers. A basic connection:

  • Is for a single premises.

  • Is a connection either via an overhead single span cable less than 45 meters (and less than 20 meters over your property), or an existing* underground pit at the border of your property.

  • Has a maximum capacity of less than 100 Amps per phase.

  • Is for a permanent connection (or temporary as long as it is for less than 12 months).

  • For a micro embedded generator (e.g. solar or battery storage) the generator must have a capacity less than 10 kVA per phase and the inverter must be compliant with Australian Standard AS4777.

  • Must have a meter, which is usually supplied by us.

  • Doesn’t require any updating or extension of our network.

* A new pit can be added as part of your new connection but this portion of the service would be offered as a negotiated service.

You can also alter your existing service under our model standing offer provided the altered connection meets the terms of our basic connection service.

The table below shows our basic connection services and our model standing offer (terms and conditions) for the service.

To apply for any Residential and Small Business Connections please login to Jemena connect and manage my electricity distribution portal.

New Basic Connection Service Expedited Phases Sample Offer Terms & Conditions How to apply
New permanent connection of a single residential or small business premises No 1 or 3      Portal
New temporary connection of a single residential or small business premises (i.e. Builders Temporary Supply) No 1 or 3      Portal

New connection of a single residential or small business premises including a new micro embedded generation (e.g. solar panels, battery, wind generator etc.) 

No 1 or 3     Portal
New connection of micro embedded generation (e.g. solar, battery, wind generator etc.). Note: Micro embedded generation cannot be connected to a temporary supply. No 1 or 3    
1 or 3  

To request an alteration of any Residential and Small Business Connection Services please login to Jemena connect and manage my electricity distribution portal.

Alteration to Basic Connection Service Expedited Sample Offer Terms & Conditions How to apply
A connection alteration to an existing service including:
  • Upgrade from single phase to three phase
  • Downgrade from three phase to single phase
  • Upgrade or Downgrade of the service fuse
  • Relocating a meter to a new location at your premises
No      Portal
A connection alteration as above including an alteration to micro embedded generation (e.g. solar panels, battery, wind generator etc.) No      Portal
An alteration to only an existing micro embedded generation (e.g. solar panels, battery, wind generator etc.) No    




If the service you need is not listed here please see our Commercial and Industrial section below or contact us and we’ll help you find the correct application form.

You also have the option of choosing to use our negotiated connection process even if it is for a basic connection service. Sometimes, when we are assessing an application, what looks to be a basic connection service turns out not to be. In this case we will let you know that the negotiated connection process applies.

If you'd like a hard-copy of our forms or contracts please contact us and we'll send them to you.

Commercial and Industrial

All connections are covered under our negotiated connection process. This includes all residential, commercial, industrial, real estate developments etc. It also covers basic connection services where you want to negotiate the connection details with us.

Type of connection Application Form

Temporary supply connections

For carrying out building work for example.

Connection of residential and small commercial including connection alterations

Large house or small commercial property, e.g. small shops, other small commercial premises

Connection of multi-tenancy residential and/or commercial premises

Block of flats, small shopping complex, apartment building, mixed use developments, etc.

New connections and alterations to large commercial or industrial premises

Manufacturer, shopping centre, university, hospital, etc.

New real estate developments

New residential and/or commercial subdivision

Embedded Generation Connection Enquiry & Application Form

For an obligation free, mid-scale (>30kVA) embedded generator enquiry and/or application (Solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, etc)


Undergrounding (Pole to Pit)

Changing an existing overhead electricity supply to an underground supply

Asset Relocation or Rearrangement

Moving or reconfiguring the Jemena assets on your premises

Unmetered Supply

e.g. Public lighting for VicRoads and Councils, security lighting  

For further details on our services please refer to our Connection Policy.

What about solar or batteries?

Solar panels and battery storage are just a couple of types of what we refer to as embedded generation. We can help you add solar or other embedded generation to your new or existing electricity connection. 

Looking for contestable electricity service providers?

If you are looking for contestable electricity service providers to assist with your Connection, click here to access an industry referral list that may assist you.

What happens next?

The first step is to make sure we have all the information we need to make you an offer. We’ll get back to you within 10 days if we need more details.

Once we have a complete connection application and we’ve assessed it as a basic connection service then within 10 business days of getting all the details we'll make an offer to do the work, or let you know that we consider it to be a negotiated connection and our negotiated connection process will apply.  

The terms of our offer and any charges will depend on the connection service you need and the site conditions at your premises. We might need to visit the site to fill in the details.

For basic connections, if you accept the offer and pay any connection charges within the specified time, we’ll schedule and perform the connection works within the terms of our offer. For requests from a retailer, we’ll connect and energise the site within 10 business days. If you applied directly to us we’ll perform the connection within 20 business days and you’ll then need to contact a retailer to get the site energised (i.e. the electricity turned on). We can also arrange to do the work on a later date agreed between you and us. For larger jobs we’ll work with you to find a date to complete the works.

If we've been given information that differs significantly from the conditions we find at the site, we might have to vary the offer, and you’ll incur additional cost.

Once we have completed the connection work and you have started using the electricity, you'll be covered by our deemed standard distribution contract for the ongoing supply of electricity to the premises.