Customer charter

Our customer charter sets out our promise to provide you with electricity safely, reliably and efficiently. It also contains information about what you need to do as a customer to continue receiving your power safely and reliably.

The charter covers the details on the specific service levels that we can guarantee to our customers under the Electricity Distribution Code and how we will respond if we fail to meet those obligations.

If you have an enquiry or complaint about our service to you, please contact us.

Download our customer charter (PDF)

Our 2018 Reliability targets

We operate one of Australia’s most reliable electricity networks. Our electricity supply reliability targets for 2018, shown as averages per Jemena customer are provided in the table below.


We are committed to providing a reliable and high quality service to our customers, and have a number of Guaranteed Service Levels (GSL) set by the Essential Services Commission Victoria. If we do not meet a Guaranteed Service Level you may be eligible to receive compensation. More information about our GSL is included in our Customer Charter.