Remediation Works


Historically, Kendall Bay was used for loading and unloading coal and other materials at the adjacent, former Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) Mortlake Gasworks.

In May 2004, the EPA issued a declaration of remediation site under section 21 of the CLM Act for the sediments of Kendall Bay and the Parramatta River in an area 200 metres from the boundary of the former Mortlake Gasworks site. The declared area (and Jemena’s premises in Tennyson Road Mortlake, which will be a staging site for the remediation works) is shown on the following figure.

Investigations carried out by AGL established that areas of sediments within the bay had been contaminated and they entered into a voluntary remediation agreement (VRA) with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in September 2005.

The VRA committed AGL to further investigations with the view to remediate the sediments within the bay, where necessary. In 2006, Jemena inherited the responsibility to remediate Kendall Bay as a result of various corporate transactions involving AGL. Following the investigations, it has been confirmed by the EPA that the remediation of Kendall Bay is required to address health and environmental risk posed by contamination.

In June 2007, the EPA issued a remediation order to the Maritime Authority of NSW (now known as RMS) as the owner of the sediments in Kendall Bay with the purpose of making sure the sediments in Kendall Bay are not disturbed without EPA Approval.

Two areas of the Bay – the Southern Area and the Northern Area – have been identified through technical studies as requiring remediation.

The Southern Remediation Area comprises:

  • SA1: situated in the south western corner of Kendall Bay;
  • SA2: situated adjacent to the seawall on the western side of Kendall Bay;
  • SA3: situated in the southern end of Kendall Bay (which may be covered by mangroves);
  • SA4: the beach occupying the south eastern shoreline of Kendall Bay; and
  • SA5: the shallow water environment situated directly north of SA4.

These areas are depicted below but the exact boundaries have yet to be finalised.

The Northern Remediation Area comprises:

  • NA1: situated adjacent to the seawall on the western side of Kendall Bay; and
  • NA2/NA3: large remediation areas situated east of NA1.

These areas are depicted below but the exact boundaries have yet to be finalised.

Remediation Site Access

The remediation works will be conducted from barges on Kendall Bay. The excavated materials will be barged to the Jemena facility at 140 Tennyson Road, Mortlake and trucked to off-site treatment facilities before taking to an approved landfill.

The Planning Process

Before the proposed remediation can begin, the necessary approvals must be granted by the State Government and the City of Canada Bay Council.

Project Application to the Department of Planning & Environment

The planning process involves a project application to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) for the remediation works. The project application was originally to be dealt with under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

As a result of various transitional arrangements associated with recent legislative amendments, on 14 May 2013, Jemena received notification that the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure had signed a Government Order on 4 April 2013 declaring the Kendall Bay Remediation Project to be a State Significant Development (SSD). This took effect in the Government Gazette issued on 12 April 2013 and means that the project will now be dealt with as a development application under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The approval process will start with the submission of the EIS to the DP&E. The EIS will be placed on public exhibition and any person will be able to make a submission on the project.