Community Consultation


Jemena is committed to community consultation and has recently developed an updated program of consultation activities. This updated program builds on past consultation activities, carried out since 2012.

The program involves a broad range of activities, including stakeholder briefings, newsletters, a project 1800 number and email address, the formation of a community liaison group, and open-house community information and feedback sessions.

The consultation flowchart provides an overview of past and future activities.

For further information on these activities please see below.

Community Newsletters

Newsletters are regularly published by Jemena to update the community on the Kendall Bay Sediment Remediation project and the associated community consultation process. All current and previous newsletters are available to view here.

Community Surveys

The consultation team has been asking people about the key issues of community concern, what kind of information would be useful, and how people would like to be consulted. This has informed project information, feedback forms and presentation materials. In particular, the team conducted a community survey over two days in early November, visiting four different locations over several hours, including:

  • Wangal Reserve, Hilly Street Mortlake
  • Cabarita Park
  • Breakfast Point shops
  • Tennyson Road, Mortlake

A summary of the feedback received to date is provided here.

Stakeholder Briefings

Jemena have met with key community, Council and Government Agency stakeholders throughout the process. This has included meetings with the Bay and Park Communities Alliance (bapca), the Mortlake and Majors Bay Resident Action Group (MMBRAG) and the Majors Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Open-house Community Information and Feedback Sessions and community meetings

The most recent Community Information and Feedback Session was held on 29 July 2014. This included an informal drop-in and display session, followed by a formal public meeting with presentations and discussion. Key considerations raised during the session were:

  • The process, timing and hours of the remediation works
  • The management of impacts for residents – odour, dust, noise and truck movements
  • Local marine ecology
  • The condition and functionality of the Bay and staging site post-remediation
  • Transportation of the remediated sediment.

All display materials, presentations and feedback forms from the session are available here.

Community Liaison Group (CLG)

A Community Liaison Group has been established to maintain regular dialogue between Jemena and the community during the remediation project. Interested members of the community were invited to apply to the Group through a publicly advertised expression of interest process. Nominations were also put forward by the Bay and Park Communities Alliance (bapca) and Mortlake and Majors Bay Residents Action Group (MMBRAG).

The Group is just one way in which members of the community can raise issues of interest or concern with Jemena during the works. Agreed Terms of Reference may be found here.

Presentation materials and summary notes of the CLG meetings are available here, for the broader interest and benefit of all.

The Group has met 13 times since October 2013, with the latest meeting held in May 2017.

Issues and Response Log

All queries and comments received through consultation activities are collated here in an Issues and Response Log. These include questions received by email, telephone, feedback forms, and raised during consultation meetings and events. The Log represents a chronology of questions.

All questions are referred to Jemena for review and response. In some cases, Jemena have referred questions to other agencies (ie EPA and Ministry of Health) as appropriate.

The Issues and Response Log will continue to be updated as questions and comments are received.

Other Recent Consultations

In April 2014, members of the consultation team conducted community surveys and face-to-face briefings with business owners and residents in Mortlake, Breakfast Point and Concord. The team also met with the Majors Bay Chamber of Commerce to discuss the proposed process, and identify any key issues or concerns.

In May 2014, the team also set up community information stalls on two Sundays at the market. The stall displayed information boards from the recent Information and Feedback Session (held in February), circulated recent newsletters, and invited feedback through community surveys.

To receive regular updates about the progress of the Kendall Bay Remediation Project please leave your contact details here.

For more information about the Kendall Bay Remediation Project or to lodge questions and feedback, please contact us on:

Phone: 1800 571 972