Kendall Bay

Kendall Bay is located on the Parramatta River in the City of Canada Bay Local Government Area. It is approximately 10 km from the CBD and sits between the suburbs of Cabarita and Breakfast Point.

Why is Remediation Required?

The proposed remediation site is located in Kendall Bay, which is off the Parramatta River, adjacent to the Breakfast Point development site. The contamination of the sediments in Kendall Bay was the result of historic industrial discharges from the adjacent former AGL Mortlake Gasworks site (currently the Breakfast Point development).

With the completion of remediation at Breakfast Point, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) focused on remediating contaminated sediments within areas of Kendall Bay. AGL signed a Voluntary Remediation Agreement (VRA) with the NSW EPA in 2005. The VRA committed AGL to further investigations with the view to remediate the sediments within the bay, where necessary. Jemena inherited AGL’s VRA obligations in late 2006 when the AGL Group was split up. Following these investigations, it has been confirmed by the EPA that the remediation of parts of Kendall Bay is required to address health and environmental risks posed by contamination. The remediation process is regulated by the NSW EPA.

Due to the complexities of the project and to ensure minimal disruption to the community, Jemena continues to engage extensively with specialist consultants, remediation contractors and government departments. This will ensure the remediation project is appropriately scoped, planned and implemented.

An important component of the project planning is consulting with the community. Jemena is committed to engaging with the local community as we proceed towards remediation, Jemena is also working towards obtaining the necessary statutory approvals required before any remediation works can commence.

To see site notices and records in relation to Kendall Bay visit the NSW EPA Website.

Project Updates

Our most recent newsletter is available now.

Jemena lodged the Remediation Action Plan (RAP), Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) and Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA) reports with the EPA on 31 January. To finalise these documents, Jemena will now need to address review comments by the EPA and its Site Auditor.

The writing of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and the associated studies has commenced. The final draft is ready and is waiting on the finalization of the RAP, which is the main appendix to the EIS. Jemena will then hold a drop-in session at the Mortlake office to discuss the draft EIS and final RAP with the community. Jemena will proceed to lodge the EIS with the Department of Planning and Environment, if there are no major issues.

Jemena will shortly engage a remediation contractor to carry out the work, including a trial of the proposed in-situ solidification remediation method. Jemena hopes this trial will take place late 2017, subject to approvals.

In further news, the project team is now based fulltime at Jemena’s head office in North Sydney. The Mortlake office is still being used periodically and will become the base for Kendall Bay operations for the trial later this year and for the remediation works after EIS approval and project development consent.