The former Goulburn Gasworks site is located on Blackshaw Road, Goulburn. The buildings onsite include an office, a workshop and a large landscaped area.

The Goulburn Gas and Coke Company (GGCC) originally operated the site as a gasworks between 1879 and the 1970s. GGCC constructed gasworks infrastructure and commenced the production of gas using coal gasification.

By the 1960s the site included two gasholders, tar wells and associated infrastructure including a retort house. The retort house and one gasholder were demolished in 1967 and 1968 respectively, with gas processing ceasing completely in the 1970s.

In 1979, the Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) acquired GGCC, which subsequently merged into Jemena in 1994. The site is currently owned by Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Jemena Limited.

The historical gasworks-related operations and waste disposal activities onsite have contaminated the soil and groundwater at the site and of land immediately east of the site. Concentrations of gasworks hydrocarbons, heavy metals, cyanide and ammonia have been identified in groundwater beneath the site. The primary source of the contamination in groundwater is residual tar and soils impacted by tar and other gasworks waste in the vicinity of the former retort house and tar wells.

Information for residents:

Jemena is committed to engaging with the local community about the project. Two community information sessions have been organised to provide information about the current work and upcoming remediation activities.

The most recent community drop-in information session was organised in April 2018 at the Goulburn Workers Club in Goulburn. A notification letter was provided to the community and stakeholders about this session. This letter can be viewed here:

April 2018

Previously a community drop-in information session was held in March, 2018 at the Goulburn Golf Club in Goulburn. We thank all those who attended these sessions and provided input.

Environmental investigation work

Jemena has conducted some environmental investigation work near the Blackshaw Road former gasworks site. Environmental investigations are required to understand the nature and extent of contamination at the site and develop a remediation action plan to remediate the site. Community around the site was advised of these works. A copy of the community letter can be viewed here:

October 2017 letter

For more information about the Goulburn Remediation project, to lodge questions and feedback or receive regular updates about the progress of the project please contact us on:

P 1800 571 972
E goulburn@jemena.com.au