Remediation works

Work to date

Since the site was shut down in 1985, there have been many environmental investigations, which are summarised in the Remediation Action Plan (RAP) of 30 June 2016.

The first stage of the remediation work has been to remediate material on site for which no additional investigation works are required. The Stage 1 works included the removal of above-ground infrastructure and limited soil remediation. These works did not require development consent. A RAP for Stage 1 was prepared and followed, and an Environmental Management Plan was prepared to manage any potential impacts on the local community or environment. The Stage 1 works were validated by environmental consultants and the validation report was provided to the EPA in November 2015.

Other recent work includes the completion of soil and groundwater sampling, the installation of a boundary groundwater control system – which includes regular groundwater sampling and sampling of surface water in Styx Creek, upgrades to security lighting, fence repairs and the removal of graffiti.

Jemena also installed a groundwater treatment plan but it is currently being decommissioned to make way for the next stage of remediation works.

Next Steps

Information for residents

The completion of the remediation works, Stage 2, requires a RAP agreed with the EPA and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which will be exhibited for public submissions. The EIS will include a range of specialist studies to assess the environmental and social acceptability of proposed remediation work and it will also consider and address any community concerns.

The EIS will be assessed by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E), with input from the EPA and other relevant agencies. This will need to be approved by the NSW Minister for Planning, along with the Development Application, before works can commence.

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