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Update on Martin Place Gas Incident

Update on Martin Place Gas Incident
Current as at Saturday, 7 July 2018 at 08:30 AM
We'd like to apologise to members of the public who were effected by a gas escape near Martin Place in Sydney overnight.
This is an evolving situation which we are working to understand and manage with the support of Emergency Services. We can confirm that:
• Extra Jemena Field Technicians worked overnight to reduce gas pressure in the area around Martin Place.
• Gas pressure has now been reduced to a safe level and will be continued to be monitored.
• Members of the public are asked to avoid the area as an exclusion zone continues to be in place (around 200 meters).
Our early analysis suggests repair works will take around ten - 12 hours to complete, however this is subject to confirmation.
As previously advised, the incident was caused by an excavator striking a steel gas main - Jemena is seeking advice from this company to understand how the strike occurred, however our immediate focus is on safely repairing the damage and limiting any further disruptions to the community and gas supply to the area.
We’d like to thank NSW Emergency Services and community for their support.

Gas supply to customers has been diverted and no customers are without gas.
Customers with enquiries should contact Jemena on 1300 137 078.

A further update will provided this afternoon post 15:00.
Media enquiries should be directed to 1300 331 239.