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Shaping the Future of Electricity in Victoria


Earlier this month, Jemena completed a series of meetings with residents and local business owners across north and north-western Melbourne to help shape their future electricity pricing, services and network.

As representatives for their local communities, members of our ‘People’s Panel’ met regularly to discuss a range key energy issues, from pricing and services to network reliability, the impact of renewable energy such as solar panels, emerging technologies, and future energy demand.

David Graham, from Digger’s Rest, said he joined the Panel because it’s an opportunity to learn more about energy, costs and reliability.

“As a recent retiree, one of the things I’m trying to look at in my life now is engaging in some of the community perspectives that affect the area I live in.”

“When you become a pensioner, affordability is a key factor. Energy pricing is very complex and I know a lot of people of all age groups are struggling with understanding [it].

Shaun Reardon, Executive General Manager, Customer and Markets, Jemena, said the People’s Panel has been a good way to better understand the many demands on the household budget.

“Customers are at the heart of what we do and that’s why we’re in the local area to listen to local people, find out their wants and needs, and what’s important to them. Together we can then discuss positive ways forward to support issues like the cost of living and affordability, while balancing service expectations.

“We’re interested in the input and feedback of our customers and to get a better understanding of their needs and expectations around the supply of electricity. This will provide us with valuable insights as we look to make the electricity network as robust and efficient as possible, while finding ways to minimise customer bills,” Mr Reardon said.

Feedback gathered through the meetings will inform Jemena’s upcoming Customer Pricing and Services Plan, which Jemena submits to the Australian Energy Regulator every five years.

And it’s not just the People’s Panel who can have their say. To support wider public consultation, Jemena has also launched a new website yourgrid.jemena.com.au, so all customers in the Jemena Electricity Network can take part in surveys and discussion forums, view explanatory videos, and learn how their feedback is being used.

Customers can visit yourgrid.jemena.com.au to have their say or register for ongoing updates